Our main objectives are to discover and extraction of natural riches of our country, increase social riches, participate in development and progress of the country, introduce new progressive technology, technique, put considerable contribution in improving living conditions of the people, also to be reliable partner of clients, fully provide safety activity, safety, health receive drilling core at high professional level to meet requirement of clients. Also we set a goal to become one of the leading national companies in field of geology, prospecting drilling. Providing quality work for our clients and getting the job done are our top priorities.

Elgen LLC strategy remains to:

  • Dominate specialized drilling and expand effective capacity;
  • Expand our footprint in strategic area
  • Diversify our services within the drilling field;
  • Keep debt at minimum levels; and
  • Be the best of class in safety and human resources.


We love We care our motherland.


Our company is working hard to combine safety efforts including Mongolian law, client standards, and manage to our safety system has been developed to exceed all applicable government and client standards. We pay much attention to the problems of natural environment restoration, employees' health and provision of safety activity. We pay attention to create favorable condition for comfortable healthy work and rest, fully provide employees with private protection cloths, and first aid instruments. In order to provide safety activity of drilling masters and assistant, all engineer technical staff we involve them in regular training of safety activity and improve their knowledge and education. We have mechanic engineers who carry out detail control on the damage of drilling machine and auto car mechanism, their safety, and prevent them from any risk.

From beginning of drilling activity our company’s top priority is clean Environment for the future. For that priority we have been done biological and technical redemption after drilling activity is over.