“Elgen” LLC is committed to providing the best possible service according to JORC standard and value to all of our customers. To this end we use the latest technology in drilling. Our specially manufactured most of the drill rigs are designed and manufactured in Korea and Mongolia by our own employees to a variety of different objectives and climate difference in past years. Many of the unique ideas and designs of our equipment have come from our employees and we strive to encourage this exchange of ideas. We strive to ensure that our operations have a minimal effect upon the environment and do our utmost to comply with the regional regulations concerning environmental matters


  • Wireline Core Drilling
  • Large 6-8 inch drilling
  • Reverse Circulation Drilling
  • Water-Well Drilling
  • Trading


  • Diamond drilling rig /Sandvik DE 740 (UDR 1000)- I pc, CW D-900 and POWER 900YJ 21 pcs/
  • Multi propose /Hanjin D&B MULTI-30 Power 7000- 2pcs/
  • Blast hole /POWER-6000 SCDB blasting drill- 1 pc/
  • RC drilling machines /5 pcs/
  • Booster /Atlas Copco 1 pc/
  • Water well drilling
  • Compressor /Ingersollrand-900 -4 pcs, Ingersollrand -1070 -1 pc/
  • Water transportation truck 25 machines,
  • heavy capacity transport vehicles for drill rig transportation 18,
  • Excavators 3
  • Trailers 2
  • Auto cars of special purpose for fuel transportation and charging 6.